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The MSc in Software Engineering program provides students with skills that are widely applicable, highly in demand and richly rewarded. Software engineering is a discipline concerned with the processes, methodologies, techniques, and tools of developing high-quality software systems in a cost-effective manner. The Software Engineering program emphasizes the best software engineering practices, current methodologies, emerging technologies, and their applications in various industries. It also emphasizes the development of communication and presentation skills in a team-based software development environment. The Software Engineering curriculum encompasses all important aspects of software engineering; it teaches the principles of modern software engineering, together with the tools, methods and techniques that support their application. In fact the program provides students with a thorough grounding in professional software development, along with experiencing and conducting a development project to be prepared for responsible positions in their future jobs.

Upon completion of the program, graduates should be able to:

• apply sound software engineering principles and methodologies in any software development process regardless of roles they may play as software developers, development leaders, or software project managers,

• solve problems at higher levels, using enterprise resources, major Web software development frameworks, and sound software design methodologies,

• be competitive in making sound judgment on issues are related to software development,

• meet challenges of software development processes,

• be self-motivated and effective players in team environments.

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of software engineering master's degree programs, graduates are typically qualified to work in a career related to networking, technology and software development. They can assist companies with constructing, maintaining and repairing software systems. Some job titles could include: network administrator, database analyst, software applications engineer, data communications specialist, and director of computer support.

Registration Officer :

First Semester
Course no. Course Kind of Course Pre-requisite Credit
1 225302 Advanced Data Bases Minor   3
2 225306 Advanced Operating Systems Minor   3
3 225304 Expert Systems and Knowledge Engineering Major   3
4 225305 Advanced Computer Architecture Minor   3
Total Course Credit Hours of the First Semester 12
Second Semester
Course no. Course Kind of Course Pre-requisite Credit
5 225303 Distributed Systems Major   3
6 225311 Data Mining Major   3
7 225307 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering Major   3
8 225308 Seminar     2
Total Course Credit Hours of the Second Semester 11
Third Semester
Course no. Course Kind of Course Pre-requisite Credit
9 225305 Advanced Computer Networks Minor   3
10 225310 Thesis ---   6
Total Course Credit Hours of the Third Semester 9

    Dean of the Faculty
 Name :
 Dr. Naser Ghaasem Aaghaee