DR. Shakiba Khademolqorani


Personal Information

DR. Shakiba Khademolqorani

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Email: shakiba_kh@shbu.ac.ir

Educational Background


Statistics, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran, 2005


Mathematical Statistics, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran, 2008


Industrial Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran, 2015

Areas of Interest


Data Mining

Health Data Analysis

Finantial Data Analysis

Decision Support System

Multi-Criteria Decision Making

Journals paper

  • 1  Hosseini, S. M., Hassannejad, R., Khademolghorani, S., Tabatabaeian, M., & Mokarian, F. . Identification of Patterns of Breast Cancer Metastasis among Women Referred to Isfahan Seyedoshohada Center, Iran, between 1999 and 2009 by Association Rules and Ordinal Logistic Regression . Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. Health System Research . Vol 7, No 6; 2011 link
  • 2  Khademolqorani, S. & Hamadani, A.Z., . An Adjusted Decision Support System through Data Mining and Multiple Criteria Decision Making. Elsivier. Procedia - Soc and Behevioral Sciences. Vol. 73, pp. 388 – 395 link
  • 3  Khademolqorani, S., & Hamadani, A. Z.. Development of a Decision Support System for Handling Health Insurance Deduction. Science and Information Organization. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications. Vol. 6, no. 2 link
  • 4  Khademolqorani, S., Hamadani, A. Z., Rafiei, F. M.. A Hybrid Analysis Approach to Improve Financial Distress Forecasting: Empirical Evidence from Iran. Hindawi. Mathematical Problems in Engineering. Volume 2015, Article ID 178197, 9 pages link
  • 5  Khademolqorani, S., . Improved Association Rules Mining based on Analytic Network Process in Clinical Decision Making. Science and Information Organization. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications. Vol. 7, no. 10 link
  • 6  Khademolqorani, S.,. A hybrid model for the prioritization of municipal projects in Iran. Pooyan Institute. International Journal of Applied Optimization Studies. Volume 1 Issue 1 pp : 1 - 10 link
  • 7  Khademolqorani, S., Yousefian, S.. Evaluation of effective factors on reducing gas production compared to the mandatory program of the phase 12 platform of South Pars field with data mining approach. Shabak. Monthly Journal of New Engineering Sciences. Vol. 47, pp. 67-7 link

Conferences paper

  • 1  Khademolqorani, S., Parsian, A.,. Multiple Colinearity and Ridge regression. Fifth Student Statistics Conference. 1. SheikhBahaei University, Esfahan, Iran. link
  • 2  Khademolqorani, S., Hamadani, A.Z, Saraee, M. H.,. Combining multiple logistic regression and decision trees in multile data analysis. 8th International Statistics Conference. 1. University of Shiraz, Shiraz, Iran. link
  • 3  Khademolqorani, S., Hamadani, A.Z, Saraee, M. H.,. New Parsimonious Segmentation with Combining Logistic Regression and Decision Trees: An application to industrial steel data. 37th International Conference of Computer and Industrial Engineering. 1. Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt . link
  • 4  Parvizian, J. Khademolqorani, S., Askari Tabatabaei, M. H., . System Dynamics Modeling of Emigration and Brain Drain: the Case of Iran. 12th International Conference of System Dynamics. 1. Sandia National Laboratories , New Mexico, USA. link
  • 5  , A., Khademolqorani, S.,. Providing a statistical quality control model to improve the quality of refractory companies. Sixth National Conference on New Finds in Industrial Management and Engineering with Emphasis on Entrepreneurship in Industries. 1. Payam Noor university, Tehran, Iran. link
  • 6  Raftari, A., Khademolqorani, S.,. Predicting readmission of patients with mental disorders using artificial neural networks. Second International Conference on New Horizons in Basic Science and Engineering. 1. New Horizon Science and Technology Association, Tehran, Iran. link
  • 7  Khademolqorani, S., Raftari, A.. Predicting readmission of patients using data mining and artificial neural networks. First Conference on Health Care Computing Systems and Technologies. 1. University of Birjand , Birjand, Iran. link

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