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Marketing Management GROUP

The undergraduate Business Administration program is designed for aspiring future business leaders and managers. In this field students learn the fundamentals of business, including: accounting, economics, management theory, and organizational psychology.
Upon completion of the program graduates will be able to:
• communicate using the language of business effectively,
• demonstrate knowledge of the strategic management processes and an ability to assess industry attractiveness and competitive environment,
• successfully utilize the tools and techniques of managerial accounting to make decisions about both day-to-day operations and long-term tactics and strategies,
• identify and analyze the pertinent concepts and theories of law, ethical issues that arise, and the principles of legal reasoning,
• apply fundamental processes, theories, and methods to business communication in the workplace and the overall writing initiatives,
• identify and apply fundamental math concepts for operations and problem solving, and apply basic statistical concepts and tools in order to correctly interpret the results of statistical analyses, and
• master the skills necessary to prepare them to continue in the academic field in their area of interest.

Marketing Management GROUP'S HEAD

DR. Mostafa Emadzadeh

Academic Rank: Professor

Marketing Management SUB GROUPS

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