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English Language Translation GROUP

Objectives Since having skillful translators is an indispensible requirement for each country to prosper its successful political, social, economic, scientific, cultural, and religious relations with foreign countries, Translation Studies aims to train translators who have a high level of competency in these areas. Competencies: After successful completion of their studies, students should be able to: A) translate technical, scientific, and literary texts into Farsi B) translate Islamic and cultural texts into English. Employment Opportunities: Graduates of Translation Studies will have a wide range of employment opportunities as follows: A. Translators of technical, commercial, economic and business documents for banks, private institutes, and ministries. B. Translators of journalistic texts for news agencies. C. Translators of cultural materials, speciallythose related to introducing the principles of the Islamic revolution of Iran.

English Language Translation GROUP'S HEAD

DR. Katayoon Afzali

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

English Language Translation SUB GROUPS

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